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I come from a Tamil speaking family in Trivandrum. Note that i have not said 'I am a Tamilian'.

Till I got married, I used to consider myself a Malayalee. Malayalam being the language I can speak more frequently, read and write better. The Tamil we used to speak at home was a mixture of Tamil and Malayalam. I always figured I will marry a Tamil speaking person from Kerala like me.

Guess what. Nope I did not. I got married to a person from Tamil Nadu whose first ever trip to Kerala was after our engagement to attend a friend's wedding. But he has adopted some elements of my Malayalee upbringing into his life and I have adopted his Tamil lifestyle into mine. We watch movies in both languages, cook both kind of food.

Aappam is traditional breakfast recipe in Kerala. One of my friends made it for a get together we had recently. I had not prepared it in a long time and decided to try it today.


1 Cup Raw Rice (Pacha Arisi)
1 Cup Par Boiled Rice (Idli Rice)
2 Cups Coconut
A handful of cooked rice (if available)
Soda (yeast should be used. I did not have it and was told that soda works as well)
milk or coconut milk (optional)

Method of preparing batter

1. Soak both the rice together for atleast 3 hours.

2. Grind the soaked rice, coconut and cooked rice into a smooth paste adding enough water. I used a Grinder (used for making idli batter). A mixie can be used as well. I added around 2.5 cups of water, adding it in intervals. Coconut water is recommended. I did not have any, so did not use.

3. Once done, add a little soda (or yeast) and keep it for 12 hours to allow it to ferment.

4. Just before making add some salt (i used 1.5 tsp) and sugar (i used 2 tsp). Use as per your taste. Also add some milk (or coconut milk, i used milk) to bring the batter to the correct consistency. Water can be used as well. This should be watery than the normal dosa batter.

Method of preparing Aappam/Appam

1. Heat an Aappam Chatti (a small Kadai with lid will do). Use a small piece of cloth or tissue. Dip it in little bit of oil and keep. Just rub it on the Chatti each time.

2. Pour a laddle of batter into the chatti

3. Hold the sides of the chatti and rotate so that there is a layer of batter all around and the rest of the batter is the centre. Appam has thin crispy edges and soft fluffy centre.

4. Close it with a lid

5. Let it cook for a minute or so till the sides are crisp and the centre is cooked

6. Remove from pan and serve with Vegetable Stew or Kadala Curry

It is very easy to make. Do try it!!

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