Sunday, 6 November 2011


Hi Everyone!

Thanks for visiting my page. The big question is - why am I writing this blog?

1. Every woman seems to have her blog.... Could this be a reason for me to have one?? I wonder

2. I read a few blogs over the last few months for recipes and got inspired.

3. Third and most important reason - I look up recipes online, read recipe books, talk to friends/relatives and sometimes make up my own as I go along. Sometimes it comes good. The sad part is I never can recreate it cause I do not remember the recipe. So this is my 'Samayal Kurippukal' (Cooking Notes).

4. Writing a blog might inspire me to try different stuff that I may not usually do. I love cooking. But I hate doing same thing often. I like variety.

5. I used to work for the last 10 years and am taking a break from work. This hopefully means more time to cook.

Hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy cooking stuff and posting it. I am sure my husband and 2 year old son (who i will refer to as Kandan) will enjoy the new recipes. Please add comments about how you like the recipes and do mail me your photos -



  1. Good beginning Roshni !!!

    We Bachelors usually go to 'Varevah' Chef or Manjulaa's kitchen for variety and try it out. But now I have a person in the next door :)

    Nalla pannunga , all the best

  2. Awesome Recipe!!!