Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Kesari Parata

Kesari is a sweet made with Rava or Semolina. I made some this morning and had a little bit left over. While making Roti for Lunch, my sweet tooth kicked in. I was planning to roll my roti with ghee and sugar. Have you tried that? Make a paste of ghee (soft not melted) and sugar. Make roti, let it cool (otherwise the ghee will melt). Layer roti with the ghee sugar paste. Roll and eat. Be the child in you :-)

I suddenly remembered the kesari sitting in counter. I made this super delicious parata with it. This post is just to give you the idea of using Kesari. So I will not go to details of how to make Parata as you all know that. :-)

Ingredients for 2 paratas

Kesari 6 tbsp
Wheat Flour 1/2 cup

Method of Preparation

1. Make Kesari as per the recipe in this link

2. Make dough with the wheat flour as you would for roti

3. Make a small circle with the dough, add 3 tbsp of kesari and join the edges. Flatten and roll again.

4. The parata can be rolled really thin and you will see the semolina starting to show thru the surface.

5. Heat a tawa and cook on both sides by spreading some ghee. Enjoy!!

It tasted like a sweet me make called Boli.


  1. We do almost the same but with maida, looks fabulous.

  2. New & unique recipe.thanks for sharing this..

  3. wowww .. interesting twist :) good one! My hubby doesn't care for sweet .. so is my daughter .. someday, i shud make it just for myself and enjoy :)