Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Onion Rava Dosai

When one of my friends called me the other day, we were just talking about this and that and the topic turned to cooking. She told me about this amazing rava dosai she made that day. She told me the recipe and even mailed the details. I was not sure if I will try it. Cause I once tried making rava dosai (may be around 5 years ago) and it was such a big disaster. I had to dump the batter and make some other tiffin on that day. I told her about that incident. She promised me this will not be like that. She even pointed me to a video in Vah re vah website showing a guy making it. So armed with her recipe and assurance I decided to give it a shot today.

The result - it tasted amazing. I am yet to master the shape and some of my dosa did fall into pieces cause I was not patient for it to cook. Warning - it does take a little longer than regular dosa (pay attention to what your friends tell you).

I asked my husband what he thought of it - he said he liked it. And then I heard a little reluctance in his voice. So I asked my question in a slightly different way - So you want me to make it again some other time? His answer - Does that mean I have clean it that time as well? I made a big mess on the kitchen counter and poor guy helped me clean it up. (more on this when you read the recipe).


Rava 1 cup (Semolina - use slightly coarse variety)
Rice Flour 1 cup
Maida 1/2 cup

Green Chillies 1
Ginger small piece
Jeera 1 tsp
Hing a little

Onion 2 finely chopped

Salt to taste
Oil for making dosa

Method of Preparation

1. Take the rice flour, maida and rava in a vessel. Add enough water to make a watery batter. This should be really watery. Set aside for 30 minutes.

2. Cut the green chillies and ginger and add to the batter. Add the jeera and hing as well.

3. Heat a dosa tawa and keep it high heat all the time.

4. Spread some onion on the tawa.

5. Here comes the twist. Stir the batter with your hand and using your hand sprinkle the batter on the pan. For those who understand tamil - in the same way as you do 'vasha thalikkal' before putting kolam. To see what I mean, check out the video in Vahrevah

This is the step where I made all the mess. There was batter all over my counter :-)

6. Anyways, cook well till it roasted on one side. Turn and cook the other side just a little.

Onion Rava Dosai is ready to be enjoyed. We had it with Coconut Chutney and Molago Podi.


  1. Lacey dosa looks super crispy and irresistible..

  2. First time here,u have lovely space..came here thorugh the comment u left on vazhayila..I saw ur comment for kinnanappam ..did u mean kinnathappam,a kannur special ???Even though I havent posted that in my space If u r looking for that I know a blog which have posted it,here is the link.

  3. Vineetha, thanks for stopping by and replying to my question. I think I am confusing the names of 2 dishes. I have tasted the Kinnathappam you linked somewhere and loved it. But the one I was looking for (so now I know I do not know the name) is made of some flour (which i am not sure), jaggery and jackfruit. It is poured into idli plate and steamed. My mom used to make it whenever we had a jackfruit in our tree. just love that memory. want to eat it again. :-(

  4. Roshni,
    I think I know what u meant..its either chakka ada or another one with jack fruit is kumbilappam.I have posted chakka ada in my blog.Pls take a look
    Here in U.K when i crave for it i normally buy kumbilappam or chakka ada from indian shops frozen section.Where do u live in U.K ?? I m in London..good to find a U.K blogger..

  5. Hey Vineetha - not fair. Enikkipo kothiyavunnu. Will check other recipes in your blog :-) We live in Basingstoke. Good to know you. Happy Blogging!!