Monday, 2 January 2012

Kerala Sytle Coconut Chammandi

Happy New Year Everyone!! Everyone starts the year with something sweet. I thought I will start with something Spicy and one of my favourites.

Chammandi is roughly the same as Chutney. As I have mentioned in many previous posts, this is my favourite chutney. The key ingredient to this is Shallots (ofcourse after coconut). Traditionally this chammandi or for that matter any grinding is done in our home in an ammikal. I found this website that shows the use of Ammi. We still have one back home. I will take a picture of ours when I am on holiday. Food has a special taste when ground in the ammi.


Coconut 1 cup
Shallots 4
Red Chillies 4
Curry Leaves few
Tamarind paste 1/4 tsp

Method of Preparation

1. Chop the shallots into small pieces.

2. Add all the ingredients to the mixie and pulse by adding very little water.

Thenga chammandi should have a rough texture. Should not grind to a smooth paste. You should not use much water. Grind with minimum water.

Linking this to Kerala Kitchen Event this month hosted by Kaveri of Palakkad Chamayal


  1. Very yummy of my favorites...thanks for linking it to the event.

  2. nice coconut chutney..
    first time have a nice space !!
    Happy to follow you

  3. thanks guys.. kaveri, will send more. Maayeka, happy to follow you as well

  4. a very diff recipe with a very diff name..sounds gud

  5. we too make this coconut this with variety time will try adding few curry leaves to this :)