Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Pongal Celebration

Hope you all had a great Pongal celebration. I just wanted to wind up our Pongal Celebration with a small post in the blog about our celebration. No recipes in this post.

We moved to UK from US 1.5 years ago. We ended up buying a house within a few months. That is the beginning of this wonderful journey. We have made some good friends with a few of our neighbours. My little one has friends of his age to play with. We do a potluck dinner atleast once a month. Mostly if there is a festival, we make our dinner based on the theme of the festival. In the last few months, we celebrated Navarathri, Deepavali, Halloween, Karthigai, New Year and Pongal together.

Navarathri we had Golu at our place. Deepavali we did a huge celebration with crackers, dinner at A's house, movie (Velayudham). Halloween our friend P decorated her house in spooky theme. Karthigai we did dinner with lamps and all at our place. New year was at A's house with 80s themed costumes.

Now coming to Pongal, we had a traditional south indian lunch at P's house. P's husband went all the way to London to get ourselves some Vazha Ilai and Karumbu. It was all worth it at the end.  Me and My friends P, A and H all made a few dishes each and look how beautifully it has all come together. Does it not too good when it is served on a Banana Leaf? Its been ages since I ate in a Banana Leaf. It adds a special taste to food.

It was cute seeing the kids sit on the floor and eat from the ilai. The adults also had lots of fun and a yummy meal. It was like a wedding gathering in India. The guys were dressed in Veshti and ladies were all in sarees. Even the kids were all in traditional Indian dresses.

Menu for the day: vendakka kichadi (thair pachadi), beetroot kichadi, manga sweet pachadi, avial, beans curry, carrot with moong dal curry, mango pickle, ulundu vadai, pathir pheni, paruppu, sambar, rasam, appalam, thair, venn pongal and chakkara pongal.

My friend P drew this Rangoli.


  1. Lovely kolam and yummy spread, seems u had a real pongal feast.

  2. beautiful kolam, traditional spread looks so yummy...glad to hear that u had a wonderful festival!!

  3. beautiful kolam......meals in banana leaf looks awesome