Monday, 23 January 2012

Rumali Roti

I was looking for recipes for trying different rotis and saw the recipe for rumali roti  in Vah re Vah video in Youtube. I am becoming a big fan of this guy. He has the enthusiasm that is viral. You just feel like running to the kitchen and making the dish.

Rumali roti is my favourite roti. I always look for it in the menu. Outside India, it is usually hard to find in the menu and even if it is there, the chefs mess up the roti.

Vah chef has 2 versions. One the actual way and another the easy way. I, being the lazy person decided to choose the easy way. The roti came out super thin. It was not as soft as I would have liked it to be. Tasty nevertheless. Check out the video for detailed recipe and demonstation. I followed his recipe as is.


Wheat flour 1 cup
Maida/All Purpose flour 1 cup
Ghee for spreading
Rice flour and Wheat flour for dipping

Method of Preparation

1. Take wheat flour and maida in a mixing bowl with the salt.

2. Make a soft dough by adding enough water. Add water little at a time. Once that is all absorbed, add a little more and keep kneading. Since maida is there, it will absorb more water as you knead and will become super soft.

3. Keep aside for an hour.

4. Separate into 8 small balls.

5. Take 2 of them. Flatten a little.

6. Apply ghee on both. Dip the ghee applied side on rice flour.

7. Join the ghee/rice sides of both the doughs.

8. Roll into super thin rotis.

9. Heat a tawa till is very hot. Add the rolled roti to it. I have a super size tawa. So I was able to accommodate this big roti. If not, just take smaller roti dough balls to start with.

10. Cook on both side till it is done.

11. Separate the rotis and serve as 2 rumali rotis.

Enjoy with side dish of your choice.


  1. I love this one a lot..Totally Yummy..


  2. lovely roti....i too have this in my drafts....i made with wheat flour alone...will post soon....

  3. Love this roti soooo much!!!

  4. I have always wondered how to make rumali roti at home... lovely recipe Roshni..:))

  5. I love this roti,has eaten loads of this in Pune,missing now,will check out the video for sure :)

  6. Love this roti very much,been ages i had them..well done dear.

  7. its in my to do list for long time, yet to try it... yours looks so good !!

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  8. Always order it in restaurants but never thought of trying it at home..yours looks good