Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Badam Sharjah

Being a Keralite, I have been in love with this drink. Yes yes - I am not talking about the Emitire, part of UAE. I am talking about the popular milkshake available here called Sharjah.

This month I am glad to be back with another installment of Blog Hop Wednesday. This time, I am not doing an exact recreation. I decided to make Sharjah after I saw the recipe for ABC Smoothie in Riddhima's site.

Sharjah is basically a drink made from frozen milk. Different variations are available. The traditional recipe uses frozen milk, banana and some peanuts along with some sugar.


Frozen milk - I used 1 1/2 litre packet that you get in India.
Almonds/Badam - 10
Small Banana - 2
Badam Powder - 4-5 tbsp
Sugar - if needed

Method of Preparation

1. Soak and peal the Almonds.

2. In a mixie, coarsely grind the almonds. Add the bananas and run the blender again.

3. I used for badam powder for flavour. You can skip this and add some more almonds and then add some cardamom and saffron as well if you want.

4. Add the powder, sugar (if using, I used 1 tsp) and the frozen milk. Blend it all together.

5. Do not overblend. The milk should have its frozen to creamy texture (not watery).

6. Sevre in tall glasses. Top it with some sliced almonds.

Submitting this to Blog Hop Wednesday and Kerala Kitchen hosted by Prathibha


  1. very refreshing drink..wonderful recipe!!

  2. Healthy and delicious drink dear :)

  3. wonderful delicious name n drink..

  4. i can relate to this... sharjah sheikh is so famous towards calicut side, there is one particular shop that serves only this juice and they have hundreds of takers everyday, had gone there ages ago, so dun remember the place... :)

  5. wow...super healthy n refreshing dear

  6. very healthy choice i must say for a drink

  7. wow, that glass is loaded with nutrients. Thanks for sharing this drink.

  8. interesting...bookmarking in anticipation of scorching summer

  9. 1st time iam seeing this drink..looks yumm.vl try 2 make this 4 sure..thanx 4 sharing dear......

  10. I have never had this before.. But sounds very similar to badam milk which is served hot.. Nice cool refreshing drink. Good one Rosh

  11. That looks very nice and healthy.

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