Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Apple Raisin Oatmeal

The trip to India actually brought back memories of our first week together. Ours was an arranged marriage. Though we knew each other for almost a year before we got married, it was weird at first. I moved into a house he had been living for 3+ years. I felt like I was in his territory. Even today I remind him that he told me 'Don't touch my things' (Though he did not, atleast not in that sense). Then I went on a shopping spree, changing things here and there starting with the kitchen. That is when I felt like it was my home, our home.

After coming home after 2 months, I was feeling really weird. Things were not as they were supposed to be. The first week of us being back, my husband had to travel for 3 days :-( Then we had a 4 day Easter break. This weekend we went and bought some grocery. Yes the house was nearly devoid of anything useful. So it was like I had to go to the Indian store and buy the store. Luckily for him, I did not plan on redoing anything in the house. But then, to be fair to him, he did let me do a lot (I mean A LOT) of shopping in India. When we were driving home, I told him I was feeling weird the last week and now I feel like I am in charge. He remarked  - like when we got married....

I am lucky to have you in my life.. We celebrated our 6th Anniversary with a trip to Wyanad in India. Looking forward to more fun years with you....

In those initial years of marriage, he introduced me to Oats and Soya Milk. I used to eat my oats and cereal with regular milk and he with Soya milk. Then eventually I also switched to Soya Milk.. Now neither of us can eat our cereal or oats with regular milk. We do consume regular milk with every thing else. Just a question of habit :-)

Now off to the recipe for today.... I was browsing thru Harini's blog to find a recipe for Bloghop. I have been following her for a little while now after I found her during one of the bloghop weeks. She has a huge collection... I am going to try a lot of her recipes... I have them bookmarked. When I saw the recipe for Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, I knew I had to try it. I did make some small changes to the recipe. Here is my version of the oatmeal

Ingredients : Serves 2

Oats 1 cup
Apple 1 Peeled and chopped into small bits
MTR Badam Powder 2 tbsp
Raisins 1/4 cup
Milk or Soy Milk for Serving

Method of Preparation

1. Boil 2 cups of water in a pan.

2. Add the Oats and Apple to it and cook till it is done and most water is absorbed.

3. Transfer to 2 cups. Add a tbsp of Badam Powder to the cup. I love the taste of the badam powder. You can add some saffron and cardamom while cooking the oats. Or you can use cinnamon like Harini did.

4. Add the raisins.

5. Mix with enough milk or soya milk till you get the desired consistency.

Enjoy a warm filling breakfast.

Sending this to Blog Hop Wednesday

Sending this to the Toddler Healthy Breakfast/Dinner (Nithu's event) hosted by me this month.


  1. real yummy dessert, healthy too...

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  4. Belated Anniversary wishes Roshni....After marriage so many of our habits change some knowingly some unknowingly...mostly for good.

    The Very healthy and delicious recipe

  5. wow delicious meal,luks healthy n yummy...

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  7. Sounds and look so very tempting.

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  9. looks very healthy, nice flavors in there too.

  10. belated anniversary wishes roshni- wishes for many more ! healthy way to cele brate it

  11. Belated anniversary wishes Roshni, i dont mind to start my day with this healthy oatmeal..