Friday, 11 May 2012

Event Roundup : Healthy Food for Healthy Kids-Toddler Breakfast/Dinner

Thank you so much everyone for the participation in my first event. It was a wonderful experience hosting an event. It brought back memories of Project Deadlines. Yes, It is a high pressure job guys :-) Think about it. All these ladies have taken so much effort in preparing these dishes and sending the links along my way. I consider that an honour.

Also, made me understand the effort all the hosts put in to make their event a success. I am looking forward to my next event. Do check out the Healthy Diet - Breakfast Event going on in my Blog and send in your recipes.

As a mother of a toddler, I know how it is to get food to the table that the little one loves. Cooking for an adult or even a party sounds easy when compared to pleasing the little ones. Kids these days know exactly what they want. There are quite a few recipes in the list below that I have bookmarked to try on my little one. I hope you will also pick up some from the list and treat your little ones (and the adults who are kids at heart)

Now off to the Recipes

Uma Shakar of Jaya's recipe

1. Masala Kichidi

Jillu Anand of Jiya's Delicacy 

2. Baby Corn Fritters

3.  Sweet Dosa

4. Rose Kheer

5. Carrot Soup

6. Strawberry Pancakes

7. Apple milk shake

Anjana of Maayeka 

8. Moong Dal Paratas

Reshmi of Neol Collections

9. Vegetable Sandwich

Shama of Easy to Cook Recipes

10. Orange Honey Pancake

11. Poha Pudding

12. Grape Yogurt

Kaveri of Palakkad Chamayal

13. Nedram Pazham Nurukku

Swasthi of Swath Freak 

14. Easy Baby Wheat Cereal

15. Sago and Almond Milk

16. Almond Milk

17. Carom Potato Rice

18. Easy Baked Veg Frittata

19. Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin

20. Sweet Potato Moong Bean Pongal

21. Sesame Seed Oatmeal Cookie

22. Spinach Stems Mixed Lentil Veggie rice

23. Bodi Biryani

24. Pressure Cooked Mixed Veggie oatmeal

25. Pressure Cooked  Broken wheat upma

Jaleela of Cook Book Jaleela

26. Ragi Idli

27. Strawberry Pista Cake

28. Idli Cake

Julie of Erivum Puliyum

29. Fruit and Nuts Bar

Chandrani of Cusine Delights

30. Vegetable Dalia

Preeti of Follow Foodie

31. Paniyaram

And Finally the recipes posted by me

32. Soya Poha

33. Apple Raisin Oatmeal

34. Adai Paniyaram

35. Nutella Strawberry Sandwich

One more addition from Nitu

36. Usli Idiyappam



  1. Nice Roundup! so many interesting n healthy the soya poha a lot..will make it soon :)
    Spicy Treats

  2. Lovely round up

  3. Wow... Wonderful round up...

  4. great collection of healthy recipes roshni...bookmarked
    Tasty Appetite

  5. Thanks Dear for hosting the event..I posted one but couldn't send you the link:-( will send soon..if possible please add that too in the roundup. Great roundup.Congrats on the successful completion of the first event.