Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Fruit Salad with yogurt

Fruit salad with yogurt is my favourite food for dinner on the day we have a heavy lunch. Its light on the stomach, pretty filling too and not to forget the heavenly taste. You can serve this as a desert as well. Oh do I need to remind you how healthy a breakfast this will make

You can play with the fruits and different flavours of yogurt.

Ingredients (for 2 big bowls)

Mango 1
Banana 2
Grapes around 15-20 big ones
Strawberry Yogurt 1 cup

Method of Preparation

1. Cut all the fruits into small pieces. I usually cut my grapes as well as it helps to mix in the flavours.
2. Add some yogurt to this. Toss well and serve. My fruits and yogurt were chilled, otherwise you can chill it for a hour before serving.

Optionally you can drizzle some honey or chocolate sauce over this. Other things to add flavour would be cinnamon poweder or cardamom powder. Toss in some chopped nuts and raisins as well.

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  1. Delicious and comforting fruit salad,perfect for hot summer...

  2. Healthy n delicious fruit salad...sounds interesting with yogurt, i mostly add yogurt to my legumes n dal salad not tried with fruits in salad form...will try it sometime :)
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  3. cool and so refreshing fruity yoghurt..lovely combo

  4. Interesting version with yogurt,haven't tried this way..always use vanilla ice cream with fruit salad,will try this low fat version some time:-)

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  5. So lovely!

  6. Excellent salad to start a day..wish to have a bowl.

  7. this is an indeed a healthy treat.

  8. Wow this is really a healthy one... Looks

  9. yummy n refreshing salad...