Monday, 11 June 2012

Pumpkin/Butternut Squash in yogurt sauce

Pumpkin is widely used in South India to make Kootu. I am always on the lookout for dishes that suit rotis. I was looking at this recipe in Anjana's blog and took inspiration from it to make this dish.

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Pumpkin/Butternut Squash 3 cups
Clove 2
Cinnamon 1 inch piece
Bay Leaf 1
Star Anise 2
Fennel Seeds 1 tsp
Cumin 1 tsp
Onion 1
Garlic 3 pods
Yogurt/Curd 1 cup
Chilli Powder 1/2 tsp
Garam Masala 1/2 tsp

Method of Preparation

1. Cut the Squash into small pieces. Cook it in a pot with a little water.

2. In another pan, heat some oil and add clove, cinnamon, bay leaf, star anise, fennel seeds and cumin seeds.

3. When it sizzles, add chopped onion and garlic. Saute till  it is well done.

4. Add the cooked squash, curd, chilli powder, garam masala and salt. Mix well. Add some water if needed.

5. Simmer for a few minutes and switch off. Serve with warm rotis


  1. wow....lovely recipe and yummy combo...

  2. delicious combo of yoghurt and pumpkin!

  3. Yummy dish,lovely side dish for rotis.

  4. Even i bookmarked this recipe n i bought pumpkins yesterday..will make it tonight for dinner...yours looks too delicious!
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  5. sounds yummy and flavorful with all the lovely spices going in there...

  6. wow...the curry surely looks very very delicious...loved it !!!!!!

  7. Love this recipe

  8. Very healthy and yummy curry.