Monday, 9 July 2012

A hubby's view: how cooking blog changed my life

When we first moved to UK from US, my husband started writing a blog about our experiences. I used to enjoy reading the posts and so did many of our friends we left behind in US. It kept them in a loop. As for the new friends we made here, they liked reading our perspective of the life we are leading in their country. But then after a year of writing he suddenly stopped. My every attempt to inspire him to write failed. So I asked him to do some guest posts in my blog. He keeps saying he will.. Did one for me when I was in India. One recipe to rule them all. This is his second one for my blog. Thank you dear for all the nice words. I am assuming there will a post from you next as to how it has 'affected' our dining experience.

Off to his post.. Enjoy!

The first and most obvious change in my life is that I get to eat all the delicious stuff you see on this blog. Stuff that is mouth wateringly delicious, stuff I wouldn’t have tasted otherwise. Most of the times, the dinner I am going to eat is a surprise for me – I just look forward to the moment that I come home, walk into the kitchen, open the pot to check what’s inside – usually there is something new in there. Now, a surprise every day isn’t a bad deal – won’t you agree?

Secondly, I don’t have to come up with dinner ideas. This is how it used to be 8 months back.
Day: a random weekday
Time: 7 PM
Roshni: Please, please give me some idea for dinner today.
Me: Er… how about Aloo mutter, aloo palak, mushroom mutter, dhal palak…. (basically any variation of this recipe - One recipe to rule them all)
Roshni: Stop. I will figure it out myself.

Needless to say, it usually didn’t end very well. Nowadays, I am not expected to give these ideas. She just gets inspired from one of the other blogs, an event or a blog hop (no clue what that is). I still get asked bizarre questions – just the other day I was asked to give an idea for a recipe with nutella and almonds (I am very serious here), I just laugh it off as just some kind of joke and get on with my TV time.

Third and the most importantly, Photography. I tell Rosh these days - I don’t know about your cooking, but your photography skills have definitely improved. She had a fairly good idea about cooking before, but knew nothing about photos. I used to be the photo snob – the one that attends courses, knows about all the controls in the SLR camera, can talk about exposure control and depth of field, but is really bad at executing them. When she started, she used to ask for my help in taking photos. I don’t know about you guys, but when you are hungry and there is a tasty looking dish in front of you, the last thing I wanted to do was to think about the correct lighting and a creative background. She stopped asking for my ideas, went through a lot of the other blogs and seems to have learnt quite a few tricks. It is amazing how much you learn when you are inspired.

On the flip side, this sucks up all her time. It takes a tremendous time to find new recipes, shortlist them, prepare them, photograph them, write them up, follow other blogs and plan for events. She lives and dies by the feedback she gets. She frequently asks “why am I doing this”. My wisecrack answer “it’s the journey that matters” or something along the lines doesn’t usually help (I should think of a different line now). So ladies, if you liked or even better, tried something from her blog, please please let her know. It makes her day.

To summarize, I think I got a good deal. Now if you will excuse me, I will have to go check what’s for dinner today.


  1. Hi Roshini ,

    looks and hears lovely !!!!

    Keep on Dear...

  2. wow..Roshni,you have a very supportive hubby in terms of blog,lucky u..Very beautifully depicted !!
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  3. Hey Rosh, tat was so sweet of ur hubby. It was fun to read the write-up and so glad to know ur enthusiasm. Keep up the spirit dear and best wishes :)

  4. Good one Chandri !! Proud of you Rosh !!

  5. That's a wonderful post...loved reading his perspective about your space and work..

  6. I concur that feedback certainly brings joy to a blogger's day !

  7. That's a lovely post, enjoyed reading it. It's amazing how even my husband thinks alike as yours. Keep blogging Roshni, you are a wonderful blogger..i love all your recipes.

    - Meg's Delicious Adventures

  8. Omg, you are lucky, wat a tremendous feedback.

  9. Thats a lovely post.. its always like a heaven when husband supports..

  10. Lovely write up..enjoyed reading it..

  11. Wow...Roshni U r such a lucky Gal...really loved reading this post n the words are so touching n impressive...Sure i am Here always to support n encourage U...I noticed that all your pics n recipes were getting better n best day-by-day...Keep up your great work!!
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  12. you have a lovely blog.BTw I was not able to view any of your pictures today..check it out :)

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  14. i'm so happy that i found your blog.......your passion is keeps me motivated....:-))