Sunday, 2 September 2012

Kerala Sadya Recipes - Onam Special

As we celebrate Onam this week (Thiruvonam on 29th Aug 2012), I thought I will compile a page in an effort to showcase the items that are served in Kerala Feast. Many of this is true for a Tamil Feast as well. But they are not all applicable.

The banana leaf is usually used to serve Kerala Feast. The top portion is used to serve different curries and bottom side is used for rice, sambar, snacks, payasam etc. The leaf usually used should be the end leaf (nuni ela) with the smaller end on the left of the person sitting in front.

The order of serving 

On the top from right to left - Kichadi, Pachadi, Thoran, Mizhukkuparatti, Avial/Kootu, Achar(Pickle)

On the bottom payasam at the right corner. rice in the middle (with parippu, sambar, nei etc), on the left corner - banana chips, sharkara varatti, pappadam, pazham

I have a lot of recipes in my blog. But still not the complete collection. I will update the page as and when I post all the recipes. 

Want to read more? Looking for the recipes to fit the Plate... Click on this link to be taken to an array of Traditional Kerala Feast Recipes


  1. What's the Kichadi mentioned in the first serving? Happy Onam!!!

  2. Kichadi is basically some specific vegetables in a yogurt and coconut gravy.. (almost like raita).. some call it pachadi as well. Do click on the sadya page to get some recipes..

  3. Real feast, cant take my eyes from ur spread.

  4. Next to pookalam, onam sadya is one of the best features of Onam festival that really draws me closer to the occasion. Nice feast... Happy Onam!