Saturday, 18 August 2012

Stuffed Bun

After the successful bake of Dinner Roll, I decided to give stuffed buns a shot. I have seen lot of recipes and I took inspiration from it. I just modified the recipe for dinner roll and made these.

Masala stuffing can be anything of your choice. You can use eggs or meat as well. I just prepared a super easy stuffing.

Ingredients for Masala

Onions 1
Tomato 1
Potato 1
Mixed vegetables 2 cups
Paneer 1/2 cup
Aachi Biriyani Masala 1 tsp (use garam masala and chilli powder instead if you want)
Oil and salt to taste

Method of Preparation

1. Heat oil in a pan. Add sliced onions. Saute till it browns.

2. Add tomatoes and cook till it is all mixed up.

3. Add steamed mixed vegetables, paneer, boiled and mashed potatoes, achi masala and salt. Mix well and cook for a few more minutes. Switch off and let it cool a little. Separate into 9 equal parts. I had a little left after I stuffed 9 buns.

Ingredients for bun

Bread Flour (you can use APF) 3 cups
Salt 1 tsp
Sugar 2 tbsp
Fast Acting Instant Yeast 1 pkt (7 gm, 21/4 tsp)
Warm Milk 1 cup
Warm Water 1/4 cup
Butter 3 tbsp
Oil to layer the top

To brush on top

Milk 2 tbsp
Butter 1 tbsp
Sesame seeds a little

Method of Preparation

1. Take warm milk and water in the mixing bowl. Add the butter to it and melt it. Add yeast, sugar, salt and mix well.

2. Add the flour little at a time and mix well. Brush the top with a little oil.

3. Keep covered with a wet cloth for about 1-1.5 hours till it doubles in size.

4. Punch out and knead well again. Divide into 9-10 balls.

5. Flatten them and add a scoop of the stuffing to it.

6. Fold and close the dough. Place it on a parchment paper layered baking tray.

7. Cover again with moist cloth and let it rest for another 30 minutes.

8. Brush the top with a mix of milk (2 tbsp) and butter (1 tbsp).

9. Bake for 15-20 minutes @ 200 C till the top is nicely browned.

The photos don't do justice to how awesome they tasted.

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  1. Awesome buns. Wonderful preparation.

  2. My... You are becoming a Pro Rosh. Lovely stuffing and so nicely browned.

  3. Delicious and inviting too...

  4. Love the way you make these stuffed buns, so effortless

  5. Beautifully done, am can have this stuffed buns anytime.

  6. Looks delicious. we enjoy this for dinner with a soup!

  7. first time here,happy to follow u,do visit mine

  8. I made it today and it was awesome! Since I didn't have paneer, tried it with tofu. Didn't know the difference

    1. Glad you enjoyed it.. thank you letting me know.. do try other recipes and please do give feedback.. enjoy

  9. I made it today and it was awesome! Didn't have paneer, so used tofu instead. Couldn't tell any difference.

  10. I baked it todayand it was awesome! Didn't have paneer, hence used tofu.