Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Mini Corn Uttapam

Want to make your kids happy and still serve a healthy breakfast. This super simple Uttappam is sure to win any kids heart. The size is a key as kids really love anything mini. And corn kind of made my little one think of Pizza. Next time I might even top it with a little cheese :-)

Priya Sreeram gave me a secret ingredient of Corn for me for our group AGC where we are going hush hush the second week... I really wanted to try another dish for this week, ended up with this. will make the other one soon..


Dosa Batter 2 big laddles
Corn 6 tbsp
Ghee as required

Method of Preparation

1. Heat the dosa pan.

2. Take a laddle of dosa batter and pour into 3 small portions. Leave it a little thick. Otherwise the corn will not stick properly. For this the batter should be fairly thick (more like idli batter consistency than dosa batter)

3. Immediately add 1 tbsp of corn on each portion. Add ghee or oil to the uttappam.

4. Cook till the side is done. Flip and cook on the other side.

Serve with side of choice. I treated my son with some extra corn and also some molaga podi mixed with ghee.

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  1. Love those yellow pearls over that yummy cute looking uttapams..

  2. very cute n colorful looking uttapams, sure kids will love this a lot...nice idea!!

  3. Kids delight... :)

  4. cuties, nice idea adding some color and nutrition.

  5. aaha- loved the mini beauties; good one rosh !