Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Event Announcement : Cooking with Seeds - Barley

I am excited to host another event in my blog. This is my third event. I am hosting Priya's Cooking with Seeds Event and I have picked the theme as Barley.

Barley is a super healthy grain. But for some reason in India it is often associated as a sick man's food. My earliest and only tryst with the grain was when I was little and had come down with Jaundice. I used to be given Barley water. 

Recently a blog friend of mine (Veena) introduced me to the grain and we are hooked to it. I have posted a couple of recipes - Barley Biriyani and Barley Tomato Soup in my blog. There are a lot Indian options and you can also venture into salads, soups, risotto, desserts,breakfast porridges. The list is endless. 

I am looking forward to making some new dishes for the event and also to learn from all of you guys.

So what are we waiting for... Don your cooking hats, whip up a dish and send it along to me.... 

You need to do:
1. Cook anything with barley, both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes are accepted from 01-Nov-2012 to 30-Nov-2012. Use barley in any form (pearl barley, rolled barley, hulled barley, barley rava, barley powder etc).

2. Post as many dishes as you can.Multiple entries are allowed.

4. Old entries which are reposted with these links are also accepted

5. Using Logo is very much appreciated.

6. Send in your entries with the below information to with the subject Cooking with Seeds - Barley

Your Name :
Blog Name :
Name of the recipe :
Link of the recipe :
Photo :  

7. Non Bloggers can also participate. Just send me the recipe to the email address above and I will include in roundup.

Looking forward to your participation. Help me make this a grand success.


  1. Happy hosting, cant wait to cook with barley..

  2. Happy hosting Roshni, will try to cook something with barley.

  3. Sent you my entry...thanks.

  4. Never seen this at my house! :) Will see if I can buy & make something before the end of the month

  5. Hi roshni,Thanks for hosting. I am not able to find the link to your cooking with seeds- barley round up.

  6. You can have event announcement cooking with seeds. The article has been described very well by you
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