Saturday, 27 October 2012

Vegetable Fajita

The last week this month for AGC - we are virtually travelling to Mexico. My mexican food is limied to the experience in US. Though it is not truely Mexican, that is the version that is popular world wide.

There are a few restaurant chains that are popular in US that we used to enjoy. Chilis and Margharitas are the ones we used to go often. And there were a few independent restaurants in Moody Street, Waltham where we have enjoyed awesome Mexican food.

When we picked Mexican for this week's theme, I knew I had to make these Fajitas. They are just perfect for dinner party as well. Every one can fill in what they like and make their own. If you eat meat adding some grilled chicken or beef adds to the variety as well.

I did not have a grill pan. So I sauted the vegetables. But if you do, please do use it for that nice char lines on the veggies and meat.


Onion 1 sliced
Red Pepper 1
Yellow Pepper 1
Orange Pepper 1
Mushroom 2 cups
Pepper powder as needed
Salt as needed
Oil for saute
Lemon juice (optional)

To serve

Flour Tortilla
Sour Cream (or yogurt)
Cheddar Cheese (optional)
Baked beans (optional)
Rice (optional)

Recipe for Flour Tortilla, Glocomole and Salsa coming up in the next few days

Method of Preparation

1. Slice the onions, peppers and mushroom. You can use any coloured pepper. I just bought a variety pack to give it a nice colourful look.

2. Heat a pan (smoking hot). Add a little oil and add in the onions. Saute for 4-5 minutes till it is nicely caramelized. Add a little salt and pepper as well. Keep aside.

3. Now add in the peppers to the same pan. Add salt and pepper and saute for 4-5 minutes. Make sure it is still crunchy. Keep aside.

4. You can cook the mushrooms directly in the pan. But it will take a long time. So what I do is microwave sliced mushrooms for about 10 minutes. I stop in between and drain out the excess water. Once it is ready and cooked, just add to the pan with a little oil and toss it around for a minute or 2 with salt and pepper.

5. Add some lemon juice (optional) to all the vegetables.

You can do all the veggies together if you have a nice big pan and everyone likes all veggies. I kept it separate as that way you can choose which ones you want to eat.


Take a flour tortilla. Add all the veggies as needed. Top it with glocomole, salsa, sour cream, cheese and beans. (I skipped sour cream and cheese). Fold it in your hands and bite in. Enjoy!!

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  1. aah this looks yum- the salsa,guacamole,tortillas made from scratch- i like it;good one rosh !

  2. Feel like inviting myself to your place, never tried making fajitas at home, a complete food.

  3. looks very yummy..neat presentation..

  4. Very clear presentation and tempting clicks!!! Love fajita's but tried at home...

  5. Healthy and delicious Fajitas - And without any of the funny smells that usually waft from the mexican restaurants I have these at!!

  6. Everything from scratch. Love your spirit Roshni... Nice clicks that only make me so hungry.

  7. I am a Mexican food fan, fajitas look perfect.

  8. what a delectable combination!! and did you just say guacamole?? cos then i m just hitch hiking to your place soon

  9. Love fajitas and the colorful veggies. Nice one!Jayanthi(