Sunday, 11 November 2012

Vegan Chocolate Banana Oatshake

Breaky Shaky is theme for this weeks AGC. We decided to pick this just because we all fell in love with the name Priya suggested :-)

Though I enjoy milk shakes and yogurt based shakes, I rarely make it for breakfast. I feel it will not fill me up as a bowl of oats or a bowl of cereal will.

Made this Vegan Breakfast shake and we all enjoyed an indulgent breakfast. To be honest neither my husband nor I are still sure if we can swap this for our regular breakfast :-)

Ingredients (makes 2 cups)

Oats 1 cup
Soy Milk (or regular milk) 2 cups
Boost (or cocoa powder) 2 tbsp
Cardamom 1/4 tsp
Banana 1 big

Method of Preparation

1. Mix oats, soy milk, boost and cardamom powder and keep in fridge overnight.

2. Add banana pieces to a mixie and pulse to make paste.

3. Add the oats mix and pulse again.

Enjoy a healthy breaky shaky!!

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  1. Healthy version......ll surely give a try

  2. vegan shake?? Breaking new barriers arent we?? Looks amazingly delicious

  3. Healthy shake with lovely combos....

  4. Loving this vegan healthy shake..

  5. Wow Vegan!!!Such a healthy one

  6. Lovely recipe Rosh, I was about to make oatmeal shake too...but settled for something more devilish...BTW, this shake sounds so interesting and tempting...I've been wanting to incorporate more oats in my cooking but somehow my hands are not reaching out for them. Jayanthi(