Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tofu Veggie Sandwich with Peri Peri Dressing

As an Indian I always struggle to make sandwiches which are not really Indian. Somehow I add that Indian touch to it. I made this quick sandwich and was very pleased with myself for not making an Indian one. I was trying to name it and asked my husband for a suggestion. He usually starts suggesting funny names. The first one he came up with was Indian Tofu Sandwich. I could not believe what he said. Did I after all end up making another Indian Sandwich... Guess it does not matter. We loved this simple sandwich for a quick lunch....

You can make this with Paneer as well.

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Ingredients (Makes 1 sandwich)

Tofu 1 slice (the size of a bread)
Cucumber Sliced few pieces
Tomato Sliced few pieces
Peri Peri Sauce (or a chilli sauce will also work)
Cheese (used grated mozerella) as required
Butter a little

Method of Preparation

1. On a slice of bread spread some cheese.

2. Add a slice of tofu, then a layer of cucumber, a layer of tomato.

3. Add a dash of peri peri sauce or chilli sauce. I used tomato sauce for my little one.

4. Add another layer of cheese. Cover with a slice of bread.

5. Toast in a sandwich maker or on stove top. I used the stove top this time as it was a bulky sandwich.

Enjoy with tea!

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  1. good one roshni; healthy platter there and the peri-peri sauce addition must have added that oomph !

  2. Hey Roshni, I was not aware that you had so many sandwich recipes in your space. No, just let go your hubby na, this truly does not sound like Indian. I love that peri-peri sauce that you had incorporated.

  3. Peri peri.. what is that!!! I really need to get my hands on Peri Peri.. sucha fresh sandwich! :)

  4. a total crunchy munchy sort sandwich with that healthy element... yum yumm and yeah like Radhi said, i love the sandwiches on your space esp. the nutella strawberry one wink wink

  5. Nice delicious and healthy sandwich

  6. wow loving this sandwich recipe :) looks great

  7. Peri Peri !!!??? I can say its a healthy one for sure...

  8. I dont mind having this sandwich rite now even i have just finished my lunch,very tempting.