Monday, 7 January 2013

Bean and Corn Dip for Tortilla Chips

New Year sees me joining a new group called Goumet Seven. It is an effort from us food bloggers to present you some gourmet food. This month we are choosing dishes from BBC Good Food and the theme is Picnic food.

Made this bean and corn dip and some salsa to go with tortilla chips. This simple dip is sure to be a party pleaser. All my guests thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Kidney beans in chilli sauce 1 can
Mixed beans in chilli sauce 1 can
Sweet corn 1 can drained

Small Red Onion 1 finely chopped
Coriander 1 small bunch finely chopped
Salt to taste

Tortilla Chips (Doritos) to serve

Method of Preparation

1. In a blender, add 3/4 of teh kidney beans and 1/2 of the mixed beans. Pulse.

2. Transfer to a bowl.

3. Add the rest of the kidney beans and mixed beans, along with the drained sweet corn, finely chopped red onions, chopped coriander leaves and some salt.

4. Mix everything well and serve with some chips.

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  1. great snack and super inviting

  2. Wow ! What a combo...

  3. Slurp!!! What an amazing thing to do with BEANS! :D

  4. spicy n yummy dip...great snack n looks very tempting with tortilla chips!

  5. It is so unfair Roshni that you people get all the beans in can forms that are so ready to use and saves a lot of time while we here have to make everything from scratch. Loaded protein dip that looks so good with the chips.

    1. ha ha.. .true.. this was a time saver... but remember that I do not get many Indian things that really crave.. my worst thing is not getting kariveppilai.. if I have 1 herb that I love the most, it is curry leaves...