Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Gujarati Khichdi - Vegetable Dal Khichdi

I have been cooking 'North Indian' food a lot, especially sides for Roti. Well, for someone from South (that too all the way to the tip of India), most things are North Indian and most of what I have eaten are those served in Indian restaurants in US, which in a way serves mainly Punjabi dishes. And if you ever visit a South Indian in US, it is basically Tamil food.

I decided lately that I will start exploring some cuisines of other states as well. This is part of that venture. I have made a few Rajastani and Gujarati dishes already. Will try to explore more as this culinary journey continues.

I have tried to follow Vaishali's recipe, though ended up making a few minor changes.


Rice 1.5 cup
Moong dal 3/4 cup
Channa dal 1.5 tbsp
Toor dal 1.5 tbsp

Bay leaf 2
Clove 4
Cinnamon 2 inch piece
Cumin/Jeera 2 tsp
Red chilli 3
Hing a little
Turmeric 1 tsp
Chilli powder 1 tsp

Potato 1
Beans 10-15
Carrot 2
Peas 1/2 cup

Tomato 2
Spinach 1 cup

Oil and salt to taste

Ghee for serving

Method of preparation

1. Soak the rice and dal for an hour.

2. In a pressure cooker, heat some oil. Add the bay leaf, Clove, Cinnamon, Cumin and red chilli.

3. Add Hing, Turmeric and Chilli powder.

4. Now add the chopped potato, carrot, beans and peas. Give it a stir.

5. Drain the rice and dal. Add to the cooker.

6. Finally add the chopped tomato and spinach. Add some salt as well.

7. Add 6 cups of water. Close the cooker and cook for 2 whistles.

8. Serve with ghee drizzled on top. Some papad and pickle will complete the meal. And oh, don't forget some Chaas (spiced buttermilk)


  1. Very well made , its one of my favourite comfort foods ....

  2. Khichdi with papad. The best comfort food you can ever enjoy. Feeling hungry looking at the pic Roshni.

  3. Very healthy kichidi.. looks inviting :D

  4. Very healthy


  5. Hot bowl of kichdi with a papad is enough to enjoy a simple meal looks tempting n filling

  6. want to eat this hot bowl of rice immediately...

  7. Wow,wish i get a huge bowl of this khichdi with some hot mango pickle,a comforting food.