Thursday, 11 April 2013

Event Announcement - Healthy Diet - Cooking with Sprouts

Hello Friends,

I am glad to present to you an event in my blog. I am guest hosting the event for Priya of Priya's Versatile Recipes. Priya is an amazing blogger with tons of recipes. When I say tons, I am not being figurative here. You just have to look at her blog to get ideas of how many ways a fruit, veg, flour etc can be used. Just mind blowing.

Thank you for letting me host this event Priya.

Priya started the Healthy diet series last year and I had a chance to host the Healthy Breakfast last year. This year I come back to you with a new Event in the cooking healthy series.

Cooking with Sprouts!! Lentils form an integral part of Indian Vegetarian cooking, providing the much needed Protein. Sprout them and you have upped the health factor sooo much..

I always used to Sprout my Green Moong or Cow peas etc. I was in for a surprise when a friend of mine showed me years ago that they sprout chick peas, green peas etc. There is no end to what you can cook with these sprouts!!

Looking forward to all the wonderful recipes that I will be seeing in the coming month.

Rules of the Event

1. Post any vegetarian or non vegetarian healthy recipe with sprouts. Event will run from 11th April to 11th May.

2. Give link to this announcement and Priya's event page. Logo usage is appreciated as it helps spread word.

3. Don't worry if you have your recipes in your archives. Just update the post with the link to this announcement and Priya's event page.

4. Add your entries to the link below.

5. Non Bloggers are welcome to send their recipes. Send recipe in full with the picture and the same line as  'Healthy Diet - Breakfast'. Send your entries to with the subject line as 'Healthy Diet - Breakfast' with the below details.
Your Name :
Blog Name :
Recipe Name :
Recipe Url :
Picture of the Recipe :

So What are you waiting for? Lets get cooking, Shall we?


  1. Happy hosting Roshni...will send in my entries

  2. Happy Hosting, Healthy Event. Just Linked my entry.

  3. Happy hosting Roshni,thanks a ton for your kind words,u made my day..

  4. A great theme, have a nice time hosting!


  5. Linked my entry - Sprouts and kaal channa pulao .

    Happy hosting :)