Saturday, 6 April 2013

Runner Beans Pallya

Its quite funny how I ended up making this dish. As you might remember me saying, I have decided to make dishes that I have not eaten before, from other regions of India. On such a quest, I found recipes which are called Pallya from Karnataka. The name kind of sounded cute. I made this. After a couple of days, I met a friend from Karnataka and asked her what exactly is a Pallya. She said Pallya means side dish (Bhaji). I could not believe I just made a dish named Beans Bhaji.. Well, it was not the same as what we make. We totally loved this variation.


Runner Beans (Avarakka) - 750gm
Onions 2 big finely chopped
Mustard 1/2 tsp
Urad dal 1 tsp
Curry leaf few
Jaggery 1 tsp

For coarse paste
Coconut 1 cup
Red chilli 3 (more for spicy version)
Tamarind 1 tsp
Turmeric 1 tsp
Mustard 1 tsp

Method of Preparation

1. Chop the beans and add to a microwave safe bowl. Steam for 15-20 min till it is well cooked.

2. Add coconut, red chilli, tamarind, turmeric and mustard to a mixie. Give it a quick pulse to make a coarse paste.

3. In a pan heat some oil. Add the mustard. When it sputters, add urad dal. When it starts to brown, add curry leaves.

4. Add chopped onions and saute till it is nicely browned.

5. Add the ground paste. Mix well. Saute for a couple of minutes.

6. Add the steamed beans, jaggery and salt. Mix well.

7. Cook in a slow flame for a few more minutes.

Serve with warm roti or rice.


  1. happens to be my favorite type of beans Rosh! lovely pallya. Yumm... tongue tickling is all i can say

  2. Love to finish this delicious palya with some rice.