Friday, 12 April 2013

Tamil Pandigai Sappadu - Tamil Festival Meal - Tamil New Year Recipes

Tamil Festival Meal (Pandigai Sappadu). I have published Kerala Meal before. Though very similar, they do have some differences that make them unique. If you are looking for Vishu Meal check here

The banana leaf is usually used to serve Feast. The top portion is used to serve different curries and bottom side is used for rice, sambar, snacks, payasam etc. The leaf usually used should be the end leaf (nuni ela) with the smaller end on the left of the person sitting in front. 
The order of serving

On the top from right to left - Thayir Pachadi, Sweet Pachadi, Poriyal(s), Kootu, Urugai(Pickle)
On the bottom payasam at the right corner. rice in the middle (with paruppu, sambar, nei etc), on the left corner - Appalam, Medhu Vadai

I have a lot of recipes in my blog. But still not the complete collection. I will update this page as and when I post all the recipes.

Meal I served in 2013 for New Year

Thayir Pachadi (called Kichadi in Kerala)
Thayir Pachadi is basically yogurt based raita kind of dish.
  1. Vendakka Kichadi
  2. Pavakka Kichadi
  3. Beetroot Kichadi
Sweet Pachadi 
Pachadi is a slightly sweet and tangy dish. Served in small portion. No recipes yet I am afraid

Jackfruit Pachadi
Manga Pachadi
Ethapazha Pachadi
Pineapple Pachadi

Poriyal is a vegetable dry side dish cooked with (and sometimes without) coconut. Typical options are cabbage, beans, carrot, vazhakka thought the options are many
This is a gravy side made usually with a single vegeatable and a dal. The dal vegetable combo is usually fixed (and is followed in a family).
  1. Mango Pickle
  2. Lemon Achar
Kozhambu Varieties 
Typically in a Meal, a little paruppu (cooked and mashed toor dal with a little salt) is added to the leaf. Rice is added on top of that. Followed by Sambar, Rasam and Mooru. But I have listed below for anyone who wants the recipe
  1. Arachu Vitta Mullangi Sambar
  2. Sambar with ground masala
Rasam Varieties
  1. Kalyana Rasam
  2. Mysore Rasam
  3. Lemon Rasam
  4. Jeeraga Milagu Rasam (Cumin-Pepper Rasam)
  5. Tomato Rasam
The most interesting part of any feast. The sweeties... Pal payasam and Vella payasam are the two categories. Pal payasam though refers to the milk and rice payasam could refer to all payasams made with milk. Vella Payasams are not usually that popular in Tamil Nadu. But sometimes made.It has jaggery and coconut milk. 
  1. Carrot Semiya Payasam
  2. Pal Payasam
  3. Badam Semiya Payasam
  4. Paruppu Pradaman (Channa Dal)
  5. Paruppu Pradaman (Moong Dal)


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  3. Loved the collection rosh! :) Happy new year!

  4. Rosh - wow! You made the entire sadya. I have wanted to make mulangi sambar. I do not know what is so special about it but I have seen many tamilians from TN make it ( we don't count as tams from TN , do we?!) personally I haven't really enjoyed the taste of radish. So I will wait for your post in case you are going to do a specific one for mulangi sambar. Nice click Rosh. Love the look of the sadya.

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