Sunday, 7 April 2013

Vegetable Paniyaram

Paniyaram is a traditional Chettinad recipe. It is soooo tasty, no wonder it is so popular. I got an authentic recipe some time ago from a friend's mom and have made it many times. The ratio of dal and rice in that is not the same as Idli Batter. I have posted that recipe here.

But you do not have to wait for making that batter to enjoy a good Paniyaram. You can always make it with Idli batter. But let me tell you, you must try this ratio as well. It does taste better.

So what is special about today's recipe? As moms we are always trying to feed healthy food to our little ones (and not so little ones). This recipe is a solution to all your problems. It is loaded with veggies. And the kids won't suspect it as it is well masked. It looks like a deep fried snack, another Brownie point with you kid. But interestingly, it is oil free. Make sure you own a non stick Paniyaram Pan. I have used a little oil to saute the onions. You can skip that if you want to keep it oil free.


Idli Maavu/Batter (made with 1.5 cups of rice, 1/2 cup of urad, 1/2 tsp of methi seeds)
Onions 1 finely chopped
Zucchini 1 grated
Carrots 2 grated
Green chillies (optional) 2
Curry leaves few
Mustard 1 tsp
Jeera 2 tsp

Oil and salt to taste

Method of Preparation

1. Heat a little oil in a pan. Add mustard. When it sputters, add the jeera, curry leaves and green chilli.

2. When it sizzles, add the finely chopped onions. Saute till it starts to brown a little.

3. Cool that a little and add to the idli/paniyaram maavu. Add grated carrots and grated zucchini to the maavu/batter. If you are looking for recipe for Maavu/Batter do check here

4. Heat Paniyaram pan. Pour a little batter to the holes. Cook on one side, turn and cook on the other side.

You can optionally add a few drops of oil to the holes to get a crispy paniyaram.

Serve with some spicy chutney. Watch out this space tomorrow for the Chutney recipe.. Nope, it is not your regular tomato chutney

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