Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Mint and Potato Parata - Flaky Flatbread Flavoured with Mint, Green Chilli and Potatoes

I set out to make a Mint Parata. And my husband tagged behind me and said, do add Aloo, won't you? Now you cannot deny a man (especially your loving husband) his wish, can you? But I did not want to make Aloo Parata. So I made this Mint Aloo Parata (Not Aloo Mint Parata). It has a dominant taste of mint and green chillies and potato is used as a binder.

Hope you will try it and enjoy this flavourful flaky paratas.

Ingredients (Makes 12 Paratas)

Wheat Flour 3 cups
Oil 1 tsp
Water as needed

Mint 2 cups
Potato 1
Green Chilli 2 (add more for a spicy parata)
Salt a little

Method of Preparation

1. Prepare the dough first. Add Wheat Flour to a bowl. Add salt and mix well. Add oil and mix. Add enough water and knead into an elastic dough. Cover and let it sit for an hour (atleast 1/2 an hour).

2. In a mixie make a paste of mint, green chilli and salt.

3. Boil, peal and mash the potato.

4. Mix the mint mix and potato. Divide into 12 portions. It will be very small marble size portions.

5. Divide the dough also into 12 portions.

6. Spread one and Apply a little oil on it.

7. In the centre spread one portion of the stuffing diagonally.

8. Roll like a cigar so that the stuffing is inside the cigar along its length.

9. Now roll the cigar like a rope.

10. Flatten and roll again into a circle.

11. Put in a tawa and cook by applying ghee on both sides.

This is not the soft kind of parata. It is more a flaky parata like the malabar parata. We ate it with the Sprouts Raita (recipe here)


  1. loving that combination Rosh. I understand a man s wish to eat potatoes very well.

  2. really flavorful parathas...

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