Monday, 12 August 2013

Tri Colour Dosa - Tomato Dosai and Spinach Dosai - Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to all my friends from India! As a person living outside India, teaching my son about our culture is very important to me. And as all Indians would agree, food forms a great part of all our celebrations. So I thought what better way to teach my son the colours of our National Flag than thru food. Here today, to make Dosa I have used regular dosa batter and coloured it using tomato puree and spinach puree.

I have also got the recipe for an amazingly easy Tri Colour Parata/Roti as well. I used Carrots and Spinach to colour the roti. You can ofcourse on a normal day make the carrot roti and spinach roti separately. It is super easy and adds to the nutritional value of the roti.

 I served the dosa with Tricolour Chutneys. Chutneys served today are Tomato Onion Chutney (Orange), Thenga Thogayal (White) and Coriander Thogayal (Green).

Hope you enjoy all the recipes. Do stop by to give me feedback!


Dosa Batter (See notes below) 1.5 cup divided into 3, Should be of idli batter consistancy at this stage.

For Orange Colour
Take 1/2 cup and add a 1-2 tbsp of Tomato Paste till you get the desired colour.

For White Colour
Take 1/2 cup and just add a little water to get the desired consistency

For Green Colour
Take 1/2 cup and to that add 1 cup of spinach (pureed). Add a little water to make the puree.

Make sure that the batter is not too runny. You can add things like Green Chilli, Cumin etc to the dosa batters to make it more tasty. But this itself tasted great.

To Make Dosa

1. Pour the tomato batter (2tbsp) on the pan.

2. On top of that pour 2 tbsp of white

3. Finally add 2 tbsp of green batter.

4. Do a circular motion with a laddle to spread the batter (like you do for normal dosa).

5. Cook on one side and flip and cook on the other side.

In this method it is a little hard to get the white colour. Another option is to make the 3 separate and enjoy them :-) Or you can pour the 3 batter one below the other and spread each horizontally.

Notes : Dosa/Idli Batter

If you are new to making dosa batter, this is a quick description of the method of making Dosa/Idli Batter. I use 1 cup of urad dal (whole pealed) and 3.5 cups of rice (idli rice). Soak rice in hot water for 3 hours and urad dal along with 1 tsp of fenugreek seeds in cold water for 1 hour. grind urad dal with about 2 cups of water adding little at a time. Takes 30 min in my grinder. Keep aside. Grind Rice with about 2 cups of water adding little at a time. It takes 20 min in my grinder. Mix both with 2 tsp of salt. Allow to ferment overnight. Dosa/Idli Batter is ready to use. If making Idli or Uttappam you can use this batter as is. If making Dosa, add some more water to adjust the consistency.

After cooking with Legumes and making Salads, AnuRadhika and I (my recipes) are making Dosa Varieties this month. Stay tuned for more dosa varieties from all of us. 


  1. awesome dosa idea rosh, i m sure neel would have loved the burst of colors. I m in love with the spoonfuls of chutney though

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