Monday, 21 October 2013

Filipino Sinangag - Garlic and Egg Fried Rice (Easy Vegan Option)

Garlic adds an amazing taste to dishes. Interestingly not everyone loves it. You are either a lover or a hater. I totally love it. So when someone says, Garlic Rice I jump in. That is exactly what happened. When Radhika made this here, I wanted to make it the same day. Am so glad I tried it.

It is a great way to use up left over rice. It will make an awesome lunch box recipe as well. Do not look at the quantity of garlic and think it is too much. This recipe serves 5-6 ppl. Also add the oil specified. The garlic absorbs a lot of oil. So adding this much oil gives you some garlic oil to coat the rice with. Chilli Paste will taste better I think. But I did not have, so used Chilli  Sauce. It gave a mild sweet taste. If using Chilli Paste add just 1 or 2 tbsp.


Rice 2 cups (uncooked) - 6 cups cooked
Garlic 1/2 cup Pealed and Crushed
Oil 1/4 cup
Chilli Sauce 5-6 tbsp
Salt to taste

Spring Onions to garnish

Method of Preparation

1. Cook the rice with enough water. Let it cool completely.

2. In a pan, heat the oil. Add the garlic and roast till it is nicely browned.

3. Add the chilli sauce and saute for another minute.

4. Switch off and add the rice along with required salt. Mix well.

5. Garnish with some spring onions

Serve with a side dish or egg if you prefer. 


  1. lovely fragrant rice, like u said adding garlic gives this rice a punch and flavour

  2. looks so tempting and delicious!

  3. i love garlic and this rice looks absolutely delicious.

  4. both of you all made this now i should too! high time. Looks very inviting esp the eggs on top and the lovely red color

  5. I have bookmarked this dish at Radhika's space and now you are tempting me again..have to make soon.

  6. spicy n simple but yumm looking..

  7. Yummy dish and am a garlic lover too

  8. very simple yet appealing picture Roshni ! I love adding lots of garlic to my rice dishes, it just tastes so amazing.. isnt it ? :)

  9. Hey Rosh! Dropped in to check out your blog and MINUS the egg, this looks amazing! But that's coz I don't eat them. They do look adorable and well cooked on top of that delicious garlic rice!

    Sigh! I miss chatting with y'all!