Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Madras Mixture - South Indian Mixture - Diwali Snack - Step by Step Recipe

Mixture is a very popular Indian Snack. As the name suggests, it is a mixture of a lot of stuff! What goes into your mixture depends on who is making it. It varies also from place to place in India. Today I present to you the Madras Mixture. The main 2 components are the Boondi and Omapodi. Boondi is basically fried balls made from Chick pea flour. Omapodi (also known as sev) is little noodles made again from chick pea flour. The other components like Aval, Peanuts, Pottu Kadalai, Curry Leaves etc are added for enhanced taste.

My mother-in-law makes Mixture every year for Diwali. I have always wanted to try my hands on it. I did not have the boondi spoon required to make it till now. This time I got it and was waiting for Diwali to make it. It came out really good for me. Now I am thinking Boondi is probably one of the easiest things to make. No I am not kidding. Once you know what you are doing, it is quite fun to make.

I have prepared a big batch here. Do feel free to half the below recipe when you are making for 3-4 ppl.

Ingredients (Makes about 12 cups)

Boondi  (from 2 cups of besan) See recipe below
Omapodi (from 1 cup of besan) See recipe here
Peanuts 1.5 cups
Pottu Kadalai (Roasted Gram Dal) 1/2 cup
Aval/Poha/Beaten Rice flakes 1 cup
Curry Leaves 20-25
Chilli Powder 1 tsp (optional)
Salt a little

Oil for Deep Frying

Method of Preparation

1. Make boondi as mentioned below.

2. Make Omapodi as here

3. In the same oil add the peanuts in 2-3 batches and fry till it is roasted. It will take only a minute or less. Drain and keep aside. Be careful incase your peanuts burst.

4. Add the pottu kadalai and fry till it is roasted. Drain and keep aside.

5. Add the Aval and fry. This will be done in 5-10 sec. Drain and keep aside.

6. Finally add the curry leaves and fry for 5 sec. Drain and keep aside.

7. Add the peanuts, pottukadalai, and aval to a bowl. Add a little salt and chilli powder. Mix well.

8. Add the boondi and omapodi.  Mix everything well.

9. Finally stir in the Curry leaves.

10. Wait till everything cools. Store in an airtight container.

To Make Boondi

Besan/Chickpea Flour 2 cups
Rice Four 5 tbsp
Chilli Powder 2 tsp
Hing 1/4 tsp
Salt about 1 tsp (add to your taste)
Oil to deep fry

Method of Preparation

To prepare Boondi the first thing you need are these spoons

1. Sieve the besan and rice flour. Add the chilli powder, hing and salt. Mix everything together.

2. Add little water and mix well. Add more water to get a pouring consistency. I needed a little less than 1 cup of water. This will vary. Add very little at a time.

3. Once ready, dip the tip and let a drop fall into the hot oil. If it falls flat it means the batter is too runny add more besan (1 tsp at a time). If it forms a tail, it means it is too thick. Add a little more water (1 tsp at a time).

4. Now you are ready to make the boondi. Heat oil and then keep it at low.Pour a ladlde of batter on the boondi spoon. Gently do circular motion with the laddle to let the batter drip down to the hot oil.

5. Clean the boondi spoon and keep ready. Cook the boondi till it is done and using another laddle fish it out to a kitchen paper for the oil to be absorbed.

6. Repeat till all the batter is done. 


  1. so crispy and delicious. luv the detailed recipe.

  2. wow...super yummy mixture, looks very fav mixture, am also planning to post it before Diwali, lets see :)

  3. truely delicious crunchy munchy mixture....

  4. You made it. Every year I plan to but somehow all the snacks that are made separately gets over way too soon. Lovely boondi pictorial you have made.

  5. wow great pics and mixture came out well... I somehow missed it this year...

  6. Hi Roshni, is there any difference between this boondi and the boondi made for laddoo?

    1. Sarah, they are quite similar and follow a very similar method. Obvious difference in the fact that this has chilli powder, salt etc. And for ladoo, you need for fry till it is crunchy.. you could stop a little earlier and not brown it, whereas for Mixture you want it to be nice and crunchy..

    2. thanks for the reply... i was actually thinking why not dunk a bag of store-bough boondi in sugar syrup and make instant laddoos :P hehe... guess it wont work now...

    3. ha ha.. it might not work..