Thursday, 9 January 2014

Kids Lunch Box Recipes and Ideas

Packing a healthy lunch box for my family is something close to my heart. Packing lunch was never a problem when it was just my husband and me. I used to cook some food for dinner (mostly roti and sometimes rice). We ate a portion of it for dinner and the other portion of it went into the lunch box. So no extra thought or effort was put into it.

When I started packing lunch for my little one last year, I was at loss. He is not a very picky eater. But still as a kid he does have his preferences. He loves eating his roti/sabji, dal for dinner. Or if I make some rice, that goes well too. If you follow my blog you would know that I make a variety of food from different cuisines and we all love it.

But when it comes to lunch box, my little one is more westernized. That does not mean he will not eat Indian food. Just that he likes to take a variety of things in his lunch including fruit, pudding, yogurt etc. like most kids here do. I struggled the whole of nursery cause every day he wanted mushroom and cheese sandwich.

During summer this year a few of my friends asked me for ideas for lunch box. And I very efficiently sent them ideas with a disclaimer that I have not done these for mine, but they are awesome ideas :-) My husband idea was to do away with the daily struggle and just let him eat school dinners. They have a decent school dinner at his school for just £2. But somehow I was not ready to give up. 

So we settled for once a week school dinner as a treat for him and a variety of packed lunches. I pack lunches and he promised to eat them even if he does not quite like it. But in return I promised not to pack the things he does not quite like again and make more of his favourites. Fair deal, right?

I would be no blogger if those lunches do not end up in my blog, right? So here we go. I will post a few lunches that are made for my little one starting today.

* The lunches presented in this series are all single serve lunches for a 5 year old (so small portions). Please do adjust quantity if you have a bigger kid or if preparing for more than one kid. 

* Most meals can be prepared in 15 minutes or less. If it is a rice based dish, it is assumed that the rice is precooked.

* The pudding/desserts are pre prepared and do not come within this time frame.

* All meals are vegetarian (many are vegan) and nut free. 

* The photos in these posts are not 'blog worthy' ones. They are taken in the morning just as we are rushing out of the door. 

Hope you will try some of these recipes and please do let me know how your little one likes it.

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