Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Rise and Shine Papaya Breakfast - Vegan

Papaya is a buttery sweet tropical fruit. I have developed this craze for the fruit lately. I made this awesome Tropical Detox Smoothie which is just amazing - super tasty and super healthy. Do give it a try. The next day I went ahead and made this for breakfast and it was just out of the world. Try it, you will love it. This is not so much a recipe, it is more a combination that I wanted to suggest you try :-)


Papaya 1 cup Chopped (used half a small papaya)
Flavoured Yogurt 1 cup (had pear yogurt, so used that) - use Vegan yogurt or Regular yogurt.
Granola 2 tbsp (Homemade Granola Recipe here. or use store bought)

Method of Preparation

1. Make a paste of papaya in a blender. Add sugar if needed. Mine was sweet and so I did not add any. Transfer to the cup.

2. Add a layer of the yogurt.

3. Top it with Granola. Make sure it has some fruits, nuts and seeds. It will give a nice crunch

4. Drizzle some honey/maple syrup or chocolate syrup if you like. Mine does not have any. Dig in!!

You can prepare this ahead of time in a jar and keep in fridge and grab as you run out of the door. Will make a super filling breakfast!


  1. Roshi! if i woke up to such breakfasts, i d be all smiley the whole day. Lovely color and splendidly presented

  2. I just love the fruit-yogurt combos, any time of the day! Delicious!

  3. looks really healthy and delicious. would luv to try this to get away from everyday cereal breakfast.

  4. Oh... I would love this kind of a breakky...

  5. tis makes a perfect sunny breakfast for me..

  6. A very healthy and filling breakfast indeed...Miss papaya here..don't see them very often in the stores

  7. The second picture is just so tempting Roshni !! I have always loved Papaya, and this is so inviting .. I wish I could have some right away !

  8. My kind of food, simply filling and very healthy breakfast..