Sunday, 27 July 2014

Watermelon Gingerade - Frozen Watermelon Ginger Lemonade - IFBM - Urban Dazzle Contest

Watermelon is an absolute treat to have in Summer. Nothing beats the summer heat like a bite into these sweet, watery fruit. And I am a big fan of juices made with it. Though I make juice with just watermelon or with lemon, I always crave for a Indian Street Drink. The Sugarcane juice with ginger is just out of the world. Something about that Ginger takes the juice to a whole new level. So today I have adopted that taste into my Watermelon.

Whenever I buy Watermelon, its quite hard to finish the whole fruit as they are quite huge here. So what I do is chop them and freeze them in ziploc bags. Then you will be ready to make juice without any ice!

For the contest by Urban Dazzle for the IFBM, we were asked to pick some glasses from the site. I think this juice would look wonderful in these set of glasses!

Ingredients (Makes 5 small glasses or 2-3 tall glasses)

Watermelon 2-3 cups chopped and frozen
Lemon 1 (or 2-3 tbsp of juice)
Ginger 2" piece
Sugar (as needed) 1-2 tbsp
Water (as needed) 1-2 cups

Method of Preparation

1. In a food processor or blender pulse the watermelon.

2. Add the lemon juice, sugar and water. Pulse again till combined.

3. Grate Ginger and squeeze the juice into the watermelon. Mix well.

Transfer to glasses and serve!

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