Monday, 6 October 2014

Mini Shape Idlis - Kids Lunch Box

Lunch - Mini Shape Idlis, Tomato Thokku (Pickle), Madeleine, Yogurt. Thokku recipe here. Madeleine recipe here.

Idlis can be prepared in regular idli molds. I got the idea of using silicone molds to make idlis from a friend. I took the idea a little further and made these mini idlis in small silicone chocolate molds. They are a treat to the eyes and my little one cannot get enough of it. These are the molds that I used.


Idli Batter 2-3 laddles (see notes below)
Oil to grease. Preferably sesame oil.

Method of Preparation

1. Generously grease the little silicone molds. I used a drop of oil for each little mold.

2. Spoon in a little batter into the mold. Filling about 90%. The idli will rise a little.

3. Place them in a plate and Steam for about 10 min (10 min after the water is boiled and steam starts to come).

4. Let it cool a little and unmold the idlis.

Note : If you are new to making dosa batter, this is a quick description of the method of making Dosa/Idli Batter. I use 1 cup of urad dal (whole pealed) and 3.5 cups of rice (idli rice). Soak rice in hot water for 3 hours and urad dal along with 1 tsp of fenugreek seeds in cold water for 1 hour. grind urad dal with about 2 cups of water adding little at a time. Takes 30 min in my grinder. Keep aside. Grind Rice with about 2 cups of water adding little at a time. It takes 20 min in my grinder. Mix both with 2 tsp of salt. Allow to ferment overnight. Dosa/Idli Batter is ready to use. If making Idli or Uttappam you can use this batter as is. If making Dosa, add some more water to adjust the consistency.

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