About Me

About Me

My name is Roshni. I am a Tamilian by origin. I lived in Kerala (in India) since birth till I moved to US for my job. After about 8 years there, we relocated to UK in 2010. I live here with my family which includes my Husband and Little Boy. They are the guinea pigs of my kitchen.

My husband almost never complains about the food. Either I am too good or he is very tolerant. And as with most food bloggers, I do make him wait some days to let me finish taking photos. Most of the times I click when they are not around or with my share of the food. But sometimes, I may not be eating the dish that is being clicked (for e.g. if it has cheese or eggs in it). I am glad I get away with it :-)

My son is my best critique. Though he is only 4 and half years old (as of early 2014), he knows his food. He loves talking about what he likes in his dish, what cuisine he likes, what smell/flavour is prominent in a dish etc. And he will happily reject a dish that did not come well. So now I have someone to impress! We love baking together. We have a blast on the days we are baking - going through recipes, collecting all the ingredients, measuring them out and adding it into our special gadget Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, which he calls Linda.

About the Website Roshni's Kitchen

Roshni's Kitchen is a Vegetarian Blog with recipes that are tried and tested in my Kitchen. The Website Roshni's Kitchen was started in Nov 2011. After working full time for more than 10 years, I took a break from work. I want to say this blog was the start of a grand plan, but all I wanted was to make the best use of my free time. I started with a few recipes, clicked some pictures and posted them - and here I am after all these years.

Some words about the recipes in my site

Traditional Indian recipes : I grew up in India enjoying traditional recipes. Being a Tamilian who grew up in Kerala, I enjoyed the dishes cooked that my cooked from both the states. My dad loved Roti with a curry and so they featured regularly in our home. My mother-in-law makes us lots of authentic tamil dishes, she is quite an expert in it. You will find an array of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and North Indian Dishes in my site.

Some of my favourite recipes
Kerala - Puttu Kadala, Potato Stew, Aappam
Tamil Nadu - Thakkali Thokku (Tomato pickle), Neer Kozhakkatai, Arachu Vitta Sambar, Kalyana Rasam
Sides for Roti - Mirchi Ka Salan, Methi Aloo Banarasi
Snacks - Parippu Vada, Egg Puffs

Vegan (Nearly Vegan) : A few years ago I developed Lactose Intolerance resulting in me not being able to eat cheese. Along the same time came a few other diet restrictions like intolerance to eggs and mushrooms. Having been a lifelong foodie, it was very difficult for me to adjust to my limitations, just like a pirate trying to adjust to his sudden sea sickness. I have learnt a lot about Vegan cooking and ways to make regular dishes tasty without the use of Cheese, Eggs and Mushroom.

Some of my favourite recipes
Vegan Butternut Squash Soup, Vegan Tofu Egg Salad Sandwich, Vegan Pizza, Vegan Cashew Pesto

Non Veg Inspired Recipes : Non Vegetarian recipes have loads to offer in terms of spices and flavour. I have long realized that the key element to such dishes is not the meat itself, but the flavours that go in it. So here you will find some recipes that are inspired from my Favourite Non Veg recipes

Some of my favourite recipes

Baking : Growing up we never had an oven in our house (most Indian houses at that time did not). As far as baked goodies are concerned we just went to the nearest bakery and had our hearts full. Learning to bake was something I achieved as part of this blogging journey. I was terrified of turning the oven on for a long time, but I was inspired by the many recipes posted by my friends. This is one of the things that I love sharing with my little one. We don our aprons and spend loads of evenings baking away. Though I am still a beginner, I have conquered my fear for the oven and am proud of what I can do now. In the months and years to come I hope to learn lot more and will pass on my learning to you all!

Some of my favourite recipes
Breads : Khaliat Nahal (My son's fav), Soft Dinner Rolls, Garlic Bread
Cakes : Hershey's Chocolate Cake, Lemon Drizzle Cake
Brownie : Triple Chocolate Brownie
Cookie : Snowball Cookies

World Cuisine : We love exploring food from different parts of the world. When we travel we almost always look out for restaurant which are different and unique. So it will be no surprise that I would experiment some of those at home as well. My philosophy is that you can learn a lot of a culture by exploring their food.

Some of my favourite recipes
Zucchini Risotto, Satay Noodles


I spend hours coming up the recipes, cooking them, clicking photos, editing them, writing recipes and posting them in this site. All the contents of this site are copyright of Roshni's Kitchen (formerly known as Arusuvai Kurippu). You cannot copy the recipes or photos from this site. You cannot publish them in your website.

You are welcome to try all the recipes posted here. If you have a blog or website, please do feel free to publish the recipes in your own words with the photos you clicked. I would love to see them. Please do stop by to leave feedback.

I have tried many recipes from different blogs. In all those cases, I have rewritten the recipes in my own words and added my own photos. I have also linked the sites from which the recipe has been adapted.

Connect with me

Hope you enjoy the recipes that are posted in this site. Please try them and send me feedback. It helps me to know what you are looking for from my site. Please do 'like'/'follow' me in the Social Networks to be updated on the most recent posts.

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  1. Hi my name is Roshni too, and I enjoyed reading about you.

  2. I am from Kerala also, and I loved your recipes.